I am fortunate enough to have had great bosses throughout my professional career. I’ve written several times on this blog and the one I published to when my son was still growing up, about leaders I’ve served.
Of course, we’re all busy with work and life so, getting together does not happen as often as I would like.
Nonetheless, recently, when I shared the link to a women in leadership conference with my former General Manager, she thanked me, and asked the following question.
“What have been your biggest wins recently, personally or professionally?”
The question struck me so, that I saved the email and wrote a note in my phone to think about it and follow up. I saw it as a very thoughtful question.
It was a lovely exercise for me.
I don’t imagine myself very different from any other human being. We all have self-doubts and easily see our shortcomings rather than our successes.
That’s what Krista’s question did for me. It forced me to get out of my always-on-self-criticism-head and focus on good things, successful things.
Professionally I received the Rookie of the Year award from the Senior Vice President of Sales and Product at my day job (January 2017 – though it feels longer than that). More recently, a collaborative effort between two vendors I work with concluded successfully. It commenced about eight months ago and took lots of programming hours and testing, but those teams got it done. Their programming fixes give my learners the streamlined experience they deserve when engaged with our learning content.
Personally, I started this blog and committed to doing it daily. I also shared my 2017 goals list with an accountability partner.
Such a refreshing question.
One I will use when I engage with those I haven’t seen or interacted with in a while.
I invite you to not wait until you get a question like this.
Do it yourself. For yourself. Taking time to recognize and acknowledge your accomplishments (wins, big or small) shines light on our progress and stops the self-criticism.
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