Have you ever wondered what to do when you have no time for personal growth and development?
I used to feel the same way, there is never enough time.
In reality though, we all know the truth.
Which is, those things that are important to us, we create the time for them.
Investing time in your personal growth and development is the same thing. If it isn’t a priority for you, then, the excuse that there isn’t enough time will always win.
It doesn’t matter what your goals are, lose weight, build a business, learn a language, those things are accomplished by devoting time to cultivating them.
Yes, we all have competing priorities, but remember, if we desire a different future for ourselves and our families, we’ve got to execute different behaviors.
Frankly, there’s no magic to it.
But you already knew that.
Nonetheless, there are simply ways to get personal growth building activities neatly nestled into your daily routine.
Tip #1
For example, do you have a longish commute to work or school? If so, take advantage of the time. Instead of listening to the radio, tune into a podcast or YouTube channel.
For ideas, check out my resources page.
Tip #2
Start carrying a small notebook with you throughout the day. Place it on your nightstand at bed time. This way, when your brain has flashes of ideas (maybe based on some of the podcast episodes you’ve listened to), you can quickly write them down.
Tip #3
My third and final tip is, don’t go it alone. Change is hard for us humans. But, when we have support systems that help us navigate the changes and encourage us along the way, we are far more successful and reach it sooner.
If you aren’t part of a mastermind group, or you don’t have family and friends to lean on, then use technology. Websites and blogs, like this one, offer great opportunities to connect with like-minded people.
Make some online connections. Become an avid community member. Share your goals and support others in theirs.
Of course, this is a partial list. I would love to hear your tips, add them in the comments below.
From this day forward, don’t use the lack of time as an excuse that keeps you from reaching your potential.
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