What do you do to reach a place of calm?
I don’t meditate yet, but it interests me and my coach introduced me to a mindfulness practice. I think of it as a small step toward true meditation.
To me, the practice of meditation is intentionally reaching a place of calm.
I reach calm by taking leisurely walks. The calmer the park is, the better, meaning, few people and little commotion. And when we have comfortable temperatures the experience is enhanced.
When I’m moving (like walking) I think. And, thinking is calming to me.
I like Wikipedia’s definition of meditation, but, I’ve also heard people discuss it as a way to empty your mind.

When I came across Calm.com, as I typically do, I went directly to the About Page, where I learned a little about Michael Acton Smith’s story. The above picture is from the company’s Instagram page.
The image and the quote spoke to my spirit at that moment (I’ve got a lot going on in my life right now).
Then, researching Michael Acton Smith, and reading a little of his story, offered some interesting points on striving.
Here’s a quick peek into Michael’s life. I can imagine, his life is even more hectic nowadays as his companies have grown (video circa 2008).

In the above video clip Michael spells out some of the challenges we all face in our modern world and how the practice of meditation helps.
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