Sometimes growing up, transitioning into full-on adulthood is hard. I’m surrounded by several young men, that seem stuck. One foot in young-adulthood and the other in adulthood.
Anthropologist have a name for all the phases we matriculate through.
I guess its hard for me to relate because I had my first job at age nine (the money I earned cleaning houses and office buildings with my mom, went to our family).
I was a dad in my twenties, so, I didn’t have the luxury of slacking off (not keeping a job) and striving to get my new young family into our own place (out of the hair of our family members).
But, none of those things bothered me. In fact, I remember a deep sense of pride and accomplishment when I bought my first car and moved my girlfriend into our first apartment, after working my first “real job” (which I got after attending truck driving school).
I’m not saying I had it all together, by no means.
I just don’t understand.
And I don’t know how to help them.
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