Yesterday I took a break from being logged into my laptop. Went to get a bite to eat and catch a movie.
While I sat at the bar in this restaurant a gentleman walked in, spoke to the bartender and asked for one of three managers (he called off their names).
One of the managers was on site and the bartender went to fetch her.
I overhear the conversation between the customer and the manager. He says to her that for three times in a row, the restaurant has screwed up his order, forgetting to include a food item he orders.
For his troubles, it seemed one of the other managers said your next order is on us. The customer had placed an order, was there to pick it up and was giving this manager the backstory (that it’s a freebie and this is what they kitchen keeps screwing up).
The manager is polite, friendly, nods in agreement and begins checking the bag with the customer’s order, to make sure they got it right this time.
Sure enough, the missing item that started all this is yet missing again in this order. She yells back in the kitchen for them to make the item.
The customer says “Good thing we checked, else this would have been the fourth time you all have messed up my order”.
The manager says “Today’s my last day”.
The customer says “Good for you. I guess you can say fuck it then”.
The entire interaction had so many customer service and customer interaction elements in it. Until that point, I felt the restaurant manager handled everything well, then, her last statement ruined it.
The interaction also made me think about the energy we give off to people when we interact with them. Something to ponder the next time you’re the customer or the manager.
Ultimately, the manager’s statement about it being her last day, gave the impression she could care less if his next order is right or not. In other words, the customer heard, “I don’t care about you”.
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