This question has lingered in my head for some time. What correlation, if any, exists between good health and the state of our intimate relationships.
To be clear, I’m not talking about sex.
But, rather the state of the relationship we have with our significant other, including, non-sexual intimacy (for example holding hands, hugging etc.).
My Beloved is very energetic and perky. She’s always smiling and laughing. She readily invites that type of energy into her life – she definitely brings that type of energy into my world.
In my past I’ve dealt with depression, sometimes via prescribed medicine, sometimes just toughing through the bouts.
My demeanor is naturally less playful and lighthearted than Beloved’s.
Additionally, I’m managing some gut issues. When that pops up, my energy is lower and it becomes even harder for me to connect with Beloved.
She’s great at changing my state (low energy and locked in my thoughts -to- playful energy, pulling me out of my head).
Is it possible then, that having a healthy body could enhance our relationship?
If you have any thoughts or insights on this topic, I look forward to reading them in the comments section below.
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