Beloved and I talk a lot about our future together.
Can you have a thriving relationship, even though you have different life goals?
Is loving, caring for one another, enjoying each other’s company, laughing together (and sometimes fighting), enough – in spite of the baggage we both have?
Is it more than enough?
Because, the world doles out knuckle sandwiches to all of us, at one time or another.
I’m working on not doing my usual disappearing act (staying in spite of challenges has not been my strength).
She’s working on loving me anyway.
How do you know if the partner you have is the right one as you work towards your life goals?
Should our intimate relationships, trump the success we seek in our lives (however you define success)?
What about compromise, when is it too much?
How rigid should we be to maintain our identities while also giving and opening up to let real love in?
This is scary shit.
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