I wrote a few posts ago about my mom being in the hospital. She was discharged this week. This medical episode really has me focused on establishing a healthy lifestyle.
Beloved and I recently watched the documentary Fed Up. I heard about it in an episode of Marie TV when she interviewed Dr. Mark Hyman at the Cleveland Clinic hospital.
My body is out of whack. I have constant gut issues. My moods are a roller coaster.
We experimented earlier this year with the Clean Program promoted by Dr. Alejandro Junger. It went well, it was hard, and going in we decided not to do the 21 days, but five to test it out.
She was fine the first few days, I felt like crap.
That was months ago. Now, I’m back contemplating what to do and how.
You have to be a fanatic about your health, in a world of contradicting information.
One thing is certain.
We cannot rely on the American government or our healthcare system. Those entities are not concerned about our health.
Become a health fanatic.
If you haven’t seen the documentary Fed Up, here is the trailer. You can see it on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

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