I read Mark Chussil’s article, published on the Harvard Business Review website, via LinkedIn earlier this year. There is a line that says “don’t spend your life making up your mind” – it resonated deeply with me.
I’ve pondered it frequently since then.
I shared the article in my LinkedIn network and thanked Mark for the great one-liner, he said, the credit belonged to the friend that asked him the question, just days before dying.
We think we have time.
But we don’t.
But, there is a balance we seem to miss.
Because, as the Time Doctor tells us, “we can end up on the down side of the productivity curve pretty quickly” without rest and relaxation.
Mark’s article though made me think of mortality, not being more productive on work or life projects. His perspective made me think of how precious our time is and how poor I am at being present with those I love and care about.
He made me think about how much time I vacillate between making one decision or another – so much wasted, instead of simply and straightforwardly being decisive.
Here’s a twist on the one-liner, don’t waste your life making up your mind.
Here are my tips to support you in remedying this matter:
Tip #1: Choose something (whatever).
Tip #2: Act (take action).
Tip #3: Assess (what worked, what did not work?).
Tip #4: Rinse and repeat.
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