According to the Blog Marketing Academy the answer to that question is yes.
In this post, I mentioned how real estate guru, Grant Cardone says being rich is the only way to have big impact in the world.
Because making an impact takes money.
I never thought of things that way. I do however, temper that perspective with Seth Godin’s vision of make art, ship, and find your tribe.
The premise of this blog is to to positively impact people’s lives by being a conduit to personal growth and development information. Then I read David Risley’s article How To Make Money In The Personal Development Niche (And Why Many Don’t).
The article pulled the rug from beneath my feet and I wanted to throw my hands up, because at first it seemed my whole idea was dead before even really getting started.
I may give David’s courses a try. His article got me, hook, line, and sinker.
I’ll definitely write about it if I do.
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