If you’re still figuring out your business model, i.e., your monetization idea, you aren’t alone. Especially, when you decide to build something, bring something to life that does not quite meet a market need, but it burns in your belly nonetheless.
In his recent interview with Marie Forleo (one of my favorite people on the planet, whom I’ll meet soon), entrepreneur Daymond John talked about his love for fashion. The long hours he spent on music video sets when launching FUBU, trying to get hip-hop rappers to wear his gear. How his mom mortgaged her home to help kickstart things for him. But, it still wasn’t a business yet.
We read, test the market, look for what’s missing, build that, and you’re golden. But, less popular is, take the thing that jumps you from bed each day and share THAT with the world, even if the market is saturated, or only five other people on the planet are interested in your perspective. Do it anyway. Most, I imagine, would call that a fool’s game. Maybe so.
But then there are examples of many that did just that.
I told Beloved tonight, there is so much to learn with building an online business and community, on and off-line. That learning takes time and will eventually take money.
Are you still struggling with what your real business model is?
That’s okay. I am too. But, I have faith, it’s only temporary. In will come. Today, I took one step. Tomorrow I’ll take one more. And the day after that, I’ll take another.
Daymond’s vision did not magically appear to him at once. And, he kept his day job for at least five years before his business gained traction.
I know I will impact the world and people’s lives because of my love for the subject matter of personal growth and self development. It will come. I’ve got to keep doing the work.
I encourage you my friend. Keep doing the work. Even if a single soul is unaware of your blog, website, online store, or brand. Because you are in practice, preparing, learning, and growing personally, when the moment for you to take the big leap arrives, you’ll be ready. When the opportunity comes, you will not hesitate in pulling the trigger to 10x your game.
I’ve seen this video clip in different iterations through the years. But, it’s a great reminder.
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