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The Purpose of this Website

The purpose of this website is to share relevant personal growth and development information and valuable tips to help you innovate your life. I want every visitor to identify and benefit from the subject matter and elevate to a higher level of self excellence – thus, a fuller and richer life.

Who is this Guy?

Hi, I’m Thomas. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for stopping by! I acknowledge that your online time can be spent in millions of other places. Welcome.

Quick Stats

Born and raised in South Florida a few blocks from the city limits of Opa-Locka, FL.

I’m one of three children from my mom. And one of five from my dad. I’m the eldest of both sets of kids.

My life-partner, Beloved and I, seek to live daily in gratitude and appreciation. She is one of my teachers, along with her young daughter. I’ve had many teachers, like you, in my life. Glynne (I’ll introduce you to him shortly). Past executives I’ve worked for, family members and friends.

Teachers are not just the folks that hold that title because it’s their job. Like the teacher that changed my life, Mrs. Faulhaber (she introduced me to journaling) at North Dade Junior High School. Teachers are also those we are vulnerable enough to open ourselves up to learning from.

Nitty Gritty

Like many of you reading this, my childhood was filled with varying degrees of trauma.

During my formative years, we lived slightly above what the U.S. called the “poverty line”. My mom was awesome! Our house was the child-mecca in the neighborhood.

Around age ten I met my biological father.

At age twenty-three my only son was born. Glynne (pronounced Glenn) Stacey Harrell. He changed my life. I could not put my finger on the drive to live better than what I had known but then, Glynne accelerated that drive. I knew I had to be a better father to him than what I experienced.

My, life, though tough at times, has been no better or worse than yours (we’ve all been through some things). When you and I work together I’ll gladly share my backstory.

Sometimes, life events can kill you. But we’re survivors!

Shared Experiences

Like you, my life has been filled with great and glorious events, like the birth of my son Glynne (I’m proud of you son. Remember, we all have our own journey). While on the other end of the spectrum, experiencing dark and dreadful things.

We Keep Growing

And yet!

Through every sun-drenched hill top and shadow-filled valley experience, there’s been a constant voice inside repeating, “be your most excellent self”. It hasn’t always been easy. I’m still on the journey of self-excellence. I imagine, that you are too.

I invite you to join me. I’m open to partnering with you on your journey

I believe, despite our life experiences (good or bad) at the core of who we are, we desire to be our most excellent selves. Which happens my friends, through self growth and development.

I’m not your sage on the stage but your guide on the side. Here to help you overcome your past and claim the NOW and FUTURE you want, through: masterminding, coaching referrals, personal growth products and services.

Professional experiences

You can get the full story on my LinkedIn profile.

Find me on Medium

My Medium handle is medium.com/@MrHarrell.


Learn Public Speaking & Leadership Skills

I am a Toastmaster.

Toastmasters is a fantastic and economical way to enhance your public speaking and leadership skills.

To learn more about the global organization click here.

To learn more about the two local clubs I’ve been associated with click the appropriate links:

Miami Lakes Toastmasters club

Universal Toastmasters club